Profile shot by @giannaIzzolophotography

Hello and welcome to the artistic realm of Maria Miele, where my paintings breathe life into natural environments through a harmonious interplay of color and minimal composition. As a dynamic artist in constant evolution, I draw inspiration from life, pop culture, bold composition, and interpretive abstracts, with a consistent passion for bold, minimal composition evident in both my paintings and Fine Art Photography. Photography serves not just as a medium but as a muse, a continuous source of inspiration and experimentation that shapes my artistic expression.

For those inspired to capture their own moments through my lens, I am available for photography project bookings. Additionally, immerse yourself in the opportunity to bring home a piece of my artistic vision by exploring options to purchase or commission paintings directly through the site. Inspired by Picasso’s work ethic and commitment to authenticity, each piece in my portfolio is a testament to the fusion of inspiration, passion, and a dedication to genuine artistic expression. Explore this visual narrative of my evolution, where every stroke and frame invites you to experience the world through my unique lens.

Please CONTACT me for Photography shoot bookings as well as commissions for paintings and current offerings.